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On Sunday 25th November 2014, at Grand Orient of Naples, they took place the Ritual Works of the Gran Loggia Massonica Generale Italiana, Obedience recognised by the Gran Loggia di Francia. It was an important moment in the Italian Masonic scenery, as it has been also signed a Treaty of Amity and mutual Recognisment with the Serenissima Gran Loggia d’Italia. The M.W. Grand Master br. Nicola Villani has fraternally hosted the official delegation of the Serenissima, headed by The M.P. Grand Master br. Massimo Criscuoli Tortora in an atmosphere of joy and harmony. The two Guarantors of Amity, br. Alberto Albanese and br. Gianluca Meranda were also appointed. In this occasion, the Gran Loggia Massonica Generale Italiana has officially filed the application to join the GLUDI – Confederation of Grandi Logge Unite d’Italia. The G.C. of the Supremo Consiglio d’Italia, founding member of the Alleanza Mondiale Scozzese A.I.M.E., the M.P. br. Fulvio di Trapani 33° has attended the ceremony. After the usual exchange of gifts, a fraternal Agape has concluded the important event.