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The Italian General Masonic Gran Lodge has applied for membership of G.L.U.D.I. PDF Print E-mail


The M.W. Gran Master br. Nicola Villani has officially filed the application for membership to the Confederazione delle Grandi Logge Unite d’Italia, delivering it into the hands of the President br. Massimo Criscuoli Tortora.


The Italian General Masonic Gran Lodge, that fastens in its distinctive title its double historical origin of General Gran Lodge of Italy and Masonic Italian Gran Lodge, is an Obedience regularly constituted which operates in the wake of Scottish tradition. It signed treaties of friendship and recognition with various foreign Obediences and, particularly, with the Gran Lodge of France. According to the statute, The Secretary of Confederation has committed to the Counsellor br. Nicola Diano, responsible for new members and the verification of requirements necessary to be admitted. This is a further and important step towards that dialogue between national Masonic realities, that respect the policies of constitution and and pursue principles and values of Universal Masonry. Reunite and promote the Regularity it’s a duty of masons regularly initiated and grade passed, in the wake of initiation of sunshine manly.