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Monday, 27 October 2014 16:20


On Saturday 25 October the Supreme Council of Italy, which is the founding member of the Alleanza Mondiale Scozzese A.I.M.E., met under the wise guidance of G.C. the M.P. br. Fulvio di Trapani 33°.


Works were carried out with harmony and the Body unanimously deliberated to officially continue keeping relations with the United Supreme Council of Italy, guided by the G.C. the M.P. br. Ernesto Pettinato 33°, in order to realize most wanted future union between the two Supreme Councils. The Supreme Council of France, mother of the Rito Scozzese in Italy since 1805, looks with particular attention over this Italian fraternal initiative; in fact, in spite of customs, the will of parts strongly pushes towards a union capable to re-create and reinforce the Scozzesismo in Italy. It was therefore formed a committee, composed by three members, one for each Supreme Council, which will establish the guidelines of this journey of union and of the convergence within initiatic, institutional and international regularity. Only by uniting what was divided, it's possible to give Light to Masonry in Italy and in the all world.