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The Grand Lodge of Egypt, with his Grand Master br. Mohab M. Fahmi, has participated to both the Board of ICUGL as observer, and to the Fall Convent of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria,
with which it entertains institutional relations since the Twenties. We wish to recall that the constitution of this African Obedience took place in 1861 by the Grand Orient of Naples. So there is a big, strong, spiritual and initiatic relationship between Egypt and Italy. For this reason, the Grand Master br. Fahmi has invited fraternally the Grand Master br. Criscuoli Tortora and a delegation of the Serenissima Gran Loggia d’Italia to the Spring Equinox Convent that will take place at Karnak, Egypt on March 2015. The Grand Master br. Criscuoli Tortora has accepted with enthusiasm the invitation, specially because the Grand Lodge of Egypt pursues an initiatic path of great importance.