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Monday, 17 November 2014 16:05

We are worried – we had promised you a depth study over the testimony of Prof. Di Bernardo, released in December of last year to the Parlerm Procutorate and found out some news that left us really perplexed.

The prof Di Bernardo, talking of his period of Great Master, underlines with big clearness the collusions of lodges of Grand Orient of Italy in southern Italy and especially in Calabria, affirming that 28/32 lodges were infiltrated. He also add that infiltrations were perpetrated with big  shrewdness; the criminals were not acting directly, but trough some fiduciaries, which names  would have been "cleaned" at every check. In the end, when he asked an operation to heal this situation, they answered that was not possible because there was a risk for the lives of Calabrian Masons and their families! The prof. Di Bernardo reports, also, that he talked with the Summit of the Unite Grand Lodge of England, which was in full knowledge of the facts, informed by their Embassy and the British Services. They recommended him to leave the Grand Orient of Italy and found a new Obedience. All this things and others, as he say, were the cause of his  resignation from Grand Orient of Italy and the constitution of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy. To positive support of his words, it might be constituted by the recognition almost immediate – 6 months – of the Regular Grand Lodge, instead the Grand Orient of Italy had to wait 110 years. We’ll continue to study in depth this territorial themes, where we  are facing possible plots between masonry, criminality , and who knows, maybe even politics!