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Prague - Czech Freemasonry celebrates its first ten years of activity PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 April 2012 15:27

Saturday, April 14 in Prague in a Temple housed in a historic theatre in downtown, the Grand Lodge of Czech Lands celebrated its tenth anniversary of foundation with an International meeting. The Grand Master Brzàk Michal and his Grand Officers welcomed as brothers, Rumanian and Italian delegations, who participated the Works. The Serenissima Grand Lodge of Italy, active member of GLUDE (United Grand Lodges of Europe), led by Grand Master Massimo Criscuoli Tortora, Grand Orator Gennaro Pascali and Grand Secretary Gianni Massignani, formally represented the Italian Freemasonry in Prague, while the Grand Officer Constantin Chiticaru, with a large delegation, represented the National Grand Lodge of Romania and its Grand Master Tudorel Nitulescu.
The presence of the Grand Commander of the Supreme Council AASR of Czech Republic Dimitri Kadrnozka made more precious the meeting. During the event, the Grand Master Michal Brzàk, was appointed Honorary Member of the Serenissime Grand Lodge of Italy. At the end and after the institutional gifts, the Convent was completed with a Chain of Union, which has strengthened even further the brotherhood between the excited brothers.
Fraternal Agape in a prestigious restaurant concluded in the best way the important Masonic event. During the institutional talks, the Serenissime Grand Lodge of Italy has pledged to officially present the Grand Lodge of Czech Lands as new active member of GLUDE, during the twelfth annual Conference, which this year will be held at the end of May in Belgrade, guests of the National Grand Lodge of Serbia.
An important milestone for the European Freemasonry, which will thus complete the presence of the Confederation of the United Grand Lodges of Europe among the nations of the East Europe.