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Spring Meeting of the National Grand Lodge of Romania PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 20:30

In Arges County, near the Lake Balea with the Carpathian Mountains to do surround the beautiful landscape, the National Grand Lodge of Romania has met for the spring assembly. A wonderful weather and great fraternal hospitality made the event really beautiful, emotional and full of meanings. Eight foreign Masonic powers have attended and honoured this Masonic International event. Bulgaria, Cameroon, Italy, Lebanon, Moldova, Serbia, Czech Republic and Russia have given their testimony and friendship during the ritual works, reaffirming that the union is the key strength for the development of regular Freemasonry in the World. The Grand Master of Romania Tudorel Nitulescu, anchor of international Freemasonry, starred in the most brotherly its role as hosting Institution and centre of an important Masonic renewal movement, based on legality, regularity and mutual respect.
The presence of Daniel Roman, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council AASR of Romania, and Miro Crismanovici, representing the Supreme Council AASR of Serbia, have given still more importance to the meeting, a month before the Twelfth Annual Conference of the Confederation of the United Grand Lodges of Europe, which will see the city of Belgrade and the National Grand Lodge of Serbia international centre of European Freemasonry. The meeting was an important opportunity for fraternal and constructive dialogue between the Summits of the attending Masonic Institutions. Fraternal “agapi” and cultural events, tourism and folklore did surround the three-day event.
The official delegations were as follows:
Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic - Michal Brzàk, Grand master, Jan Nussberger grand chancellor;

Grand Lodge of Bulgaria - Savino Batanov, grand master, Dimo kolev, senior Grand Warden, Ivan Soukmandjiev, grand secretary, Georgi Terziev, grand expert, Fouad Soueid, Grand Hospitalier, Atanas Ialamov, venerable of Lodge "B. Franklin", Gerogi Mandev, lodge "Ivan Vojnov".

National Grand Lodge of Moldova - Vadim Caramzia, grand orator, Iuri Ambros, grand secretary
National Grand Lodge of Serbia - Dragoslav Pavlovic, grand master;

United Grand Lodge of Cameroon – René Louis Faubert assisten grand chancellor;

United Grand Lodge of Lebanon - Jamil Saade, past grand master;

United Grand Lodge of Russia – Mikhail Slonim assistant grand master;

Serenissima Grand Lodge of Italy - Massimo Criscuoli Tortora, grand master, Gennaro Pascali, grand orator, Marco Cherri, grand chancellor, Gianni Massignani, grand secretary.

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