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Convent of Closing 2012 of the Grand Lodge of France PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 18:56

alt17 September, Sunday morning soon, when still Paris certainly rests after one Saturday evening full of life and of emotions, the Gran Lodge of France has welcomed

the Official Delegations of the Grand Regular Lodges of Countries and Obediences visitors, in the institutional head office of rue Puteaux, to Paris, for the annual Convent of Closing.
The brother Marc Henry, new Grand Master, have welcomed the official delegations of the Regular Obediences of the World and the delegations of the Obediences invited for celebrating, in non ritual form, the Solstice in Summer. The Gran Commander of the Supreme Council of AASR of France and the President of the Confederation of the United Grand Lodges of Europe Alain Graesel have participated in the event bringing their international prestige.
After the institutional interventions and those of the Grand Masters attended, the Convent is concluded with a Chain of symbolic union on the notes of the Waltz of the Candles. The Scottish restaurant of the Gran Loggia of France has welcomed all the Brothers for a brotherly agape. The harmony and the brotherhood have concluded the Masonic year.